Bozzy Chains aims to combine jewelry and practicality.

As an avid festival-goer and sunglass-loser, Azra created Bozzy Chains in 2016 as a creative outlet to solve the issue of lost glasses and bring back the sunglass strap from a sole Grandma accessory to the masses.

Breezys, a handmade sunglass and eyeglass strap, are intended to add style to your glasses while ensuring they stay on your person. 



Azra is an electrical engineer and self-taught jewelry-maker. She works to provide solar power to East Africa by day and run Bozzy Chains by night. She is constantly booked to the brim with fun activities and networking events while still trying to find time to put on a face mask, watch tv, and paint her nails. Her dream is to build Bozzy Chains up into an artistic marketplace for practical makers to share their ideas and products with the masses. Till then, she creates each Breezy by hand in San Francisco. You can find her on Instagram to view her newest pieces, enter giveaways, or drop by to say hello.